10 Things Your Website Needs Less Of.

1. History

No one cares. Seriously. It’s the least-read page on nearly every website in the universe. It means a lot to you. To your prospects, not so much.

2. Jargon

It may feel like you’re demonstrating expertise when your site is full of industry terminology and technical terms. You’re not. You want to inspire and invite, not intimidate. Lose the jargon and gain visitors.

3. Distractions

Simplicity is the key virtue to a website. Keep yours as simple as you can. Get ruthless about every element on your site. If it isn’t helping the prospect understand what you do or making them want it more, lose it. 

4. Words

Nearly everybody takes too long to say nearly everything. See if you can find a single sentence on your site that can’t be improved by making it shorter. You won’t. Trim ruthlessly.

5. Cuteness

Maybe it’s a cute animation that happens as you scroll, or a clever headline. Chances are that cuteness is costing you customers. Clarity and a crisp, clean layout trump everything.

6. Suspense

Don’t hide your benefits or make people hunt for them. Don’t bury the lead. Come out swinging. If you do something better, or faster, or cheaper, or simpler, say it right away, loud and clear.

7. Small Type

Every design decision for your website has a single goal – to make it easier to read and get around, so people will linger. Super small type or very light type may look cool, but it also makes it harder to read.

8. Vagueness

Phrases like “quality service” make people leave. They’re vague, bland and meaningless. Remember FedEx. “When it absolutely, positively has to get there overnight.” Be specific about why you’re better.

9. Sluggishness

Sites that load slowly get docked by Google and get left behind. Do everything you can to speed things up. Hubspot’s Website Grader scores your site for speed and offers specific suggestions for picking up the pace.

10. You

The prospect is the hero of your website. Not your company. Show the prospect a better life and a path to get it. They’ll stick around longer and buy more.