Are You Sabotaging Your Social Media?

It happens a lot. Companies — especially smaller ones — hire a social media person whose sole qualification is that they spend a lot of time doing their own social media. Then reality sets in. This person you hired may know which filter to use with a selfie. But they rarely know your company. Or your customers. Or your Read More

Highlights and Insights from January’s Brews & Brands

Our first Brews & Brands session of 2020 focused on social media.  What follows are just a few of the valuable insights and ideas shared during this month’s session.  Since most of the participants represented B2B companies, much of the focus was on maximizing LinkedIn. Setting Goals Everyone emphasized the importance of setting goals for Read More

Six Idea Starters for Social Media

Why use social media?  To get attention and build connections that can turn into sales.  If that’s your “why,” then every post needs to pass that test.  And the posts that get liked and shared and create clicks and calls offer insights and ideas that help people do their work better.  Here are six ways Read More

Don’t Redesign a Hammer.

Go to your local hardware store. Check out the hammers. While there are small differences, they all look and work like a hammer.  No one looks at a hammer and thinks about a radical redesign to make it look cooler. Why? Because the design works. In marketing, there are a lot of things that always work. And a Read More