What Now? Rethinking Marketing & Sales.

For your consideration: eleven suggestions for sales and marketing in this new environment. 1. Stop sending emails with “Coronavirus” or “COVID-19” in the subject line. Seriously.People are inundated with these emails. They’re nearly all the same. Same phrases. Same steps. And they’re constant Coronareminders. Don’t waste your customer’s time and trust with another boilerplate message about what you’re doing. Put it on your Read More

Serving Customers in Perilous Times

Our March Brews & Brands last week was, hands down, the best session ever. And it began with a simple question: What now? In light of current events, how do we all pivot from a high-touch way of doing business?   What followed was two hours of fantastic conversation, questions, insights and ideas. Here are just some of Read More

Thinking Beyond ROI

A recent article talked about a marketing campaign intended to push traffic to a website, where consumers could make a purchase. Tracking showed that while the campaign was indeed driving people to the site, those people weren’t buying once they arrived. So the company shut the campaign down.And online sales plummeted. What the company misunderstood was customer Read More

Are You in the 5%?

Before marketing can have any impact at all, it has to do one thing. It has to grab your attention in under three seconds. Three seconds. That’s where more than 95% of all marketing fails. Which means marketing dollars wasted. Here are five ways to stay in the 5% instead. And you have to do them in your headline, in Read More