Considering a Rebrand? Don’t.

You see it almost daily. Some post on social media announcing that another company is “rebranding.” Except that they aren’t. Your brand is the unique position you occupy in the minds of everyone. It’s not your logo, your tagline or even your company name. Those represent your brand — that unique position — but they’re not your brand. When companies talk Read More

Are You Using the Wrong Marketing Tools?

Imagine a huge table. On the table is every tool you can think of. Now imagine you have to build a house. Try to do two things. First, take away the one tool you could do without. Second, pick up the one tool that can handle the entire project. You can’t do either. Every tool has a purpose, and Read More

Highlights from May’s Brews & Brands

While our May Brews & Brands session was remote instead of in-person, that didn’t slow the flow of practical insights shared by our participants. Here are just a few of the highlights. Rethinking everything was a major theme, from finding ways to partner with your competitors to looking beyond your traditional audience for prospects. A question Read More

5 Questions to Jumpstart Your Creative Process.

Your message has to stand out if your business is going to. But getting there can be hard. Here are 5 questions that can jumpstart the process and help you arrive at stronger marketing. 1. What is life is like without you? What challenges does your prospect have? How do you eliminate or resolve those challenges? Show prospects what Read More