Six Ways to Fail at Direct Mail

Especially in a pandemic, direct mail is an incredibly effective marketing tool. But there are a lot of ways it can go south on you. Here are six steps to make sure your next direct mail campaign fails miserably. 1. Make Sure Your Website Sucks. Most people who respond to direct mail go to your website first. Make Read More

Stop Using These Numbers Now.

In marketing, proof of performance matters. Your prospects need to know you can actually do what you say you’ll do. There are three numbers that companies think are helpful in this effort. They’re wrong. Years in Business Once you pass the minimum threshold for people to think you’re stable, the number of years you’ve been in business Read More

10 Things Your Website Needs Less Of.

1. History No one cares. Seriously. It’s the least-read page on nearly every website in the universe. It means a lot to you. To your prospects, not so much. 2. Jargon It may feel like you’re demonstrating expertise when your site is full of industry terminology and technical terms. You’re not. You want to inspire and invite, not intimidate. Lose the jargon Read More

10 Things Your Website Needs More Of.

1. Calls to Action Tell your visitor what action to take and give them a button to start — on every page. Maybe it’s more than one. And maybe less generic. Call = “Let’s Talk.” Subscribe = “Get the Goodies” Meet = “Let’s Hook Up.” 2. Clarity Above the Fold Before a visitor scrolls down, they should know exactly Read More

Your Competition Is Nothing.

You spend a lot of time trying to persuade prospects to choose you over your competitors. And you should. But there’s one competitor you probably overlook. Inertia. The easiest thing for a prospect to do is…nothing. They can live with a problem awhile longer. They can put together a workaround. They can deal with the status quo. And there are Read More