More sales? Bring the pain.

In sales or marketing, here’s a fact you live with every day: if your prospect isn’t feeling any pain, they’re unlikely to buy. Think about it. Few people switch banks unless they’re so angry about something they can’t take it anymore. Many people rarely see a doctor unless something hurts. And on and on. That means you have Read More

3 Secrets to Great Virtual Sales Meetings

Everybody’s ready to get back to doing business face-to-face. But you can still be effective selling in a virtual setting. Here are three ways to set your online sales interactions apart. Get Physical First Send something physical aead of your meeting. If you’re going to be talking with five people, send it to all five. It could be something Read More

3 Things a Personal Trainer Can Teach You About Marketing

Every good personal trainer does at least three things that can make you a better marketer. Know Your Client A great trainer spends a lot of time getting to know each client. Not just height, weight, age and body fat, but strengths, weaknesses, goals, limitations, abilities, preferences, worries and wishes.   A great trainer knows that Read More

Read Your Website Three Times

Especially now, your website is your prospect’s first impression of you. Your content will either make or break that first impression.   So try this. Read all the way through your website three times. Each time, focus on one specific thing, and edit ruthlessly for that quality. 1. What Do You Do? Is exactly what you do clear Read More