3 Things a Personal Trainer Can Teach You About Marketing

Every good personal trainer does at least three things that can make you a better marketer.

Know Your Client

A great trainer spends a lot of time getting to know each client. Not just height, weight, age and body fat, but strengths, weaknesses, goals, limitations, abilities, preferences, worries and wishes.  

A great trainer knows that all of those qualities determine how successful — and happy — a client will be. And understanding them ensures a mutually respectful, long-term relationship.

But good trainers don’t stop there. They continue to learn about and monitor their clients as they progress. Because they know that people’s wants and needs — even their own self-perceptions — change over time. Their access to resources like time and money change, too.

Tailor Made

The best trainers create a plan around what they know about each client. And they alter that plan as they go, to maintain momentum and to make sure their goals are still realistic and appropriate.

They also look at their own offerings, to make sure they’re still equipped to meet their clients’ needs. They may need to purchase new equipment, or change the layout of their gym to accommodate the people they serve.

Continuous Learning

Like everything else, the body of knowledge around health and physical conditioning continues to evolve. What was in vogue five years ago is unlikely to be the norm now. 

Great trainers devote time and resources to their own training. They especially seek out new information, ideas and insights that apply to the audience they serve, whether it’s college athletes, older professionals or weekend warriors.

If they’re going to take the client on a journey with a specific end in mind, they need to lead with the latest and best information available. It never stops.

Now You Try

How well do you know your customers? How do you keep up with their changing needs? How well do you know your prospects?

Do you focus only on statistical data — age, income, address — or on wants and needs, frustrations and aspirations? Can what you offer be customized to fit each customer?

Finally, are you educating yourself so you’re better able to guide every customer? Do they see you as the expert? Do they look to you — your website, your social media, your podcasts — for guidance and inspiration?

Think like a trainer, and see how fast your own marketing efforts get stronger.