5 Questions to Jumpstart Your Creative Process.

Your message has to stand out if your business is going to. But getting there can be hard. Here are 5 questions that can jumpstart the process and help you arrive at stronger marketing.

1. What is life is like without you?

What challenges does your prospect have? How do you eliminate or resolve those challenges? Show prospects what they’re missing. Case studies are great at this. Think of Farmers Insurance and their “Seen it. And covered it” messages. How do you make life easier? Show life before and after you.

2. What would Nike do?  

Nike’s approach has always been to tap into your inner athlete. They motivate you to perform at a higher level, and associate their brand with that performance. How can you make what you offer aspirational? And how can you make your message inspirational?

3. What do prospects not know?

Prospects don’t know what they don’t know. What do they not realize about you and what you can do for them? What are their misconceptions? What do they not understand or get wrong about you and what you do for them? What can you create — videos, collateral, events, web content — that can clear things up?

4. What if words failed you?

If you had to create a video with no spoken words, what would you show? How could you demonstrate the benefit you provide or the problem you solve in a way that’s easy to understand? Imagine a PowerPoint deck with only images. What pictures tell your story? Think visually first.

5. What do you not know about your prospects?  

What insights or information would help you know your prospects better? How would knowing change your marketing or sales approach? How can you find out? Do you follow them on social media? Companies and individuals? Do you subscribe to their emails, blogs or podcasts? Do you check their website frequently?

These are just a few ways to kickstart the creative process and come at your messaging from a different perspective. Pick one to circulate among team members and see what happens.