6 questions that make your social media better.

If you’re putting time and money into social media, share content that prospects will actually want to read. Here are six questions that can give you endless ideas for engaging content. 

1. What’s a common mistake people make when choosing what you sell?

What do people get wrong about your product or service? What bad information are they using when they decide to buy? How are the using it wrong, or inefficiently, or for the wrong purpose?

2. How can people get more out of what you sell?

Imagine a car dealer who posts regular tips on how to keep your vehicle running well. Or a florist who talks about what’s in season. What guidance can you share to help people get more from your product or service?

3. What are people most curious about?

What do people wish they knew? Who chooses the menu? How do loan rates get set? People are genuinely curious about how things happen inside a business like yours. It affects them. So tell them.

4. What do people need to know?

Things change all the time. New technology gets introduced. Old technology disappears. Processes change. What do people need to know to keep up with what you sell? Well-informed customers buy more.

5. What do people get wrong about your business?

It’s easy for people to get a wrong idea about your company, what you sell or how it’s produced. It might even be something that used to be true, but isn’t anymore. Set them straight. The only antidote to misperception is good information.

6. What can you show people?

A picture is worth a thousand words. So if you have cool images that show what happens behind the scenes, or that illustrate some aspect of what you do, let the pictures do the heavy lifting.

(And remember, potential employees are prospects, too. So if one of your primary goals is to find qualified team members, all of the above can help you create content to do just that.)