A Perfect TV Commercial

It hasn’t played during the Superbowl — and it never will. It won’t show up on any “people’s choice” lists. But there is a perfect TV commercial airing right now. And you should pay attention to it. It’s a template for how to get your message across in 30 seconds in a way that sticks and sells.
It’s the new spot for Coppertone Sport Clear. It’s called “Sunscreen Haters,” and you can see it here: https://www.ispot.tv/ad/IPLc/coppertone-sport-clear-sunscreen-haters. So why is it perfect? A lot of reasons.

It Identifies the Audience.
The first words you hear are these: “Calling all sunscreen haters.” If that’s you – if you hate putting sunscreen on – you self-select to watch what happens next.

It Makes a Promise.
It next says, “You’re gonna love this.” It doesn’t talk about a product or benefit yet – it tells you what emotion you’re about to experience. In other words, it creates anticipation and expectation.

It Shows the Product.
It simply says the name and shows the product: Coppertone Sport Clear.

It States the Problem.
Next, it reminds you of everything you hate about sunscreen by stating what Coppertone Sport Clear isn’t. “Not thick. Not hot. Not messy.”

It Positions the Solution.
After the list of things we hate, it says what the product is: “Just clear. Cool. Protected.”

It Shows the Product Again.
Once more, it names the product and shows it, adding the tagline, “Proven to Protect.”

Visuals Reinforce Words.
The spot uses images to amplify what it says. When it mentions thick, hot and messy, it shows those qualities in a visceral way that sunscreen haters will instantly recognize. When it says cool and clear, the images reinforce the words, and you almost feel the relief wash over you.

Words Reinforce Words.
As the voiceover proceeds, the same words show up on the screen, nice and big. You cannot miss the point.

Color Coordinated.
Even the colors within the spot connect to the colors in the product packaging. Subliminal? Maybe. But it makes the product easier to find in the store when you know what color the container is.

The spot does all of this in just 30 seconds, setting a careful rhythm that never breaks and pays off at the end.

Takeaways? Help your audience know that you’re talking to them. Demonstrate their problem in a way that engages. Show the solution in an equally engaging way. Make it revolve around how the problem makes you feel. Use every tool you have to brand the solution. Make it easy to remember. Keep it short and keep it fun if you can. And execute it at a high level.

No matter your medium, follow those rules, and you’ll end up with perfect marketing.