Digital Marketing: Tips and Tactics

Last week, participants in One Southern Indiana’s Sales & Marketing Success Series (sponsored by Idealogy) were treated to a presentation by Stacy Griggs and Sean Howard of El Toro that was packed with terrific tips and tactics for how to do digital marketing better — as well as mistakes to avoid.  So this week, we pass along a bit of El Toro’s shared wisdom.

Measure the Right Thing
Most digital marketers only measure click-through rates — the percentage of people who click on their digital ads to get to their website — to determine their effectiveness.  But more and more people online are using mobile devices, and half of all mobile clicks are accidental.  That’s right — half.  (Side note: 8% of users account for about 80% of all clicks.)  So measure what matters…like sales.

Narrow Your Targets
You already know you can use geotargeting to limit the area in which your digital ads are seen.  But you can probably go narrower than you think.  For example, you can target a building, like a hotel or an office building.  Why would you want to?  Say there’s a hotel filled with conference attendees you’d like as clients.  Why not make sure that every time they’re online during the event, they’re seeing your marketing message, dripping with benefits they need?

More on Targeting
If you rely on foot traffic, you can easily target digital ads to mobile devices of people who have visited your competitor in the last few weeks, or those who have just moved into the area and need all of the services one requires when relocating, from bank accounts to health care.

Still More on Targeting
There are three groups you want to target digitally (or for that matter, traditionally).  Tap current customers to buy more, past customers to buy again and those who have never bought to give you a try.  And don’t overlook retargeting — delivering ads to people who have already been to your website.  It’s inexpensive, and you know they have an interest.

Not to Be Obvious…
Don’t just present your brand — make an offer or include a call to action.  And better offers do better — so work on yours.  Make it specific, and make it personal.  If you’re launching a direct mail campaign, send digital to the same audience 7 days before and 7 days after —same look, same message.