Earning an A in B2B Referrals

Get All Up In Your Prospect’s Mailbox.

Drive profits with direct mail that sets you apart and sells.

Direct Mail Should Be Impossible To Ignore.

Too often, direct mail is a waste of marketing dollars. Poor targeting. Copy that’s long and dull. Bland, generic design. No call to action. Your message deserves to be delivered to the right audience in a way that makes them spend time with it — and act on it.

Turn Every Mailbox Into a Sales Office.

Tighter targeting

Don’t waste a single message. Put yours in the hands of only your most likely prospects.

Robust response

Not clicks or likes or shares. Just meaningful, measurable inquiries, appointments and calls.

More sales

Watch your investment turn into leads that convert to sales.

Go Beyond Direct Mail That Works For You.

Get A Team That Does, Too.

Our Path To Direct Mail Success.

Need Sales? Go Postal.

Direct mail is enjoying a renaissance…and for good reason. A physical piece beats an email that you can delete without reading. Print produces greater retention than digital. Inboxes are packed; mailboxes aren’t. Postal delivery is more personal than intrusive pop-up ads. Mail offers more ways to precisely target prospects. And direct mail produces actual sales.

At Idealogy, we’re the Louisville region’s experts in creating and executing direct mail campaigns that actually stand out and sell. With Storybrand Certified expertise in-house, you get direct mail that gets you noticed — and gets customers.

Let’s Get Small.

The tighter your list, the more touches you can afford. So we start by helping you identify a deeper range of qualities about your best customers. Then we help you build a trim, tight list around those qualities. We can help you with targeted mailings to existing customers, too.

Content That Gets Read.

Using the Storybrand process, we create short, sharp copy that makes your customer the hero. Copy that shows that customer how you guide them to success. Copy that leaves a deep impression, with clear calls to action.

Designed to Sell.

Don’t do dull. You can’t bore anyone into buying from you. Get eye-catching, head-turning design that gets your message opened and remembered — and that builds brand awareness.

Effortless Execution.

You have better things to do than orchestrate all the details of direct mail deployment. So we do it for you. Your campaign goes out on time, every time, with regular list cleaning to avoid waste.

Accountability, Too.

We don’t just send it and forget it. We follow your results to make sure the campaign is performing as it should.

See for Yourself.

Click on the mailers below to open PDF samples.