Grabbing the 90%.

Recently, we mentioned that 90% of the people who see your ad will read the headline and nothing else.  That applies to subject lines in e-mails, too (check your open rate lately?) as well as digital ads.  Several people have asked how you can change that number.  Simple.  Write a headline or subject line that demands you keep reading.  Ideas are everywhere.  For example, a recent news story revealed that millennials are having sex less often than previous generations.  What if a bank ran an ad with this headline: “Millennials Are Having Less Sex Than Previous Generations.  We’re Here to Help.”  Wouldn’t you want to read that ad?  And when the bank talked about how they take the stress out of buying a first home, making it more likely you’ll be relaxed and in the mood, wouldn’t you appreciate their sense of humor?  Now you try it.