How Much Is Enough?

Would you spend $50 to reach one prospect?  How about $25?  How about $100?  $1,000?  Especially in the B2B world, the correct answer is always “maybe,” and in many cases, it’s “definitely.”  Two things determine that answer.  First, what’s the lifetime value of this customer if you win her or her company — the total profit you’d make from start to finish, for the duration of the relationship?  If it’s a big number, the math probably gets pretty simple.  But here’s the other question — and it’s just as big.  What are you investing your money in?  If it’s the same as everyone else, it just says you’re the same as everyone else.  That gets you nowhere.  So make it different.  Make it something they’ve never gotten — and make it relate to what you can do for them.  That’s money in the bank.