Is Your Website Worth The Trip?

Companies like yours pour a lot of time and money into search engine optimization. And rightfully so. With all the competition out there, and more lining up every day, your site has to work harder than ever to attract visitors. And a strong SEO program can pull them in.

But there’s a problem. All too often — more often than not — there’s no there there.

Sure…the site is stuffed with keywords and meta data, backlinks and landing pages and videos. But too often, what’s missing is the thing they were searching for in the first place. The site is so optimized and packed with SEO nuts and bolts that they can’t find anything easily — least of all something that makes you stand out and stay top of mind, or makes them want to pull the trigger on a purchase.

So while you continue to invest in robust SEO, consider the user experience first and foremost. Try to look at everything from the point of view of a new site visitor who isn’t familiar with you — a prospect who just needs the quickest path to what they’re looking for.

What they don’t need is endless industry jargon, or countless clickable links and options. And what you don’t need are the typos and grammatical errors that are showing up with increasing frequency as companies leave their content to outside firms without proofing. (When was the last time you read your own website from front to back?)

If you want to turn your SEO into real ROI, make 2019 the year you give your website’s content and user experience a closer look and the attention it deserves. You’ll be rewarded for it.

(And if you want Idealogy to be that fresh pair of eyes, we can inspect your site from top to bottom and make recommendations that will make the most of the SEO you’re pouring into it. What? You’re not investing in SEO? We should talk.)