It Pays to Be a Follower.

When it comes to social media, you’re probably focused on who’s following you. And that’s important. But you can magnify your social impact by being a good follower. Here’s a short list of who to follow and why.

Follow Your Followers.

First of all, follow everyone who follows you. Pay attention to what they’re posting, liking and sharing. It will give you immediate insight into what matters to them. And that helps you keep your own content more relevant.

Follow Your Competitors.

Next, follow your rivals. What are they posting about? Are they doing a good job or a poor one? Observing your competition can help you avoid the mistakes you see them making — and it can inspire you to take your own social game up a notch.

Follow the Media.

Follow the people who cover your market and your industry, including specific reporters and editors. Share their posts when it makes sense to do so. Comment on them when it’s appropriate. This allows you to gently build relationships with the media, so that you have another avenue for getting your own story out when you have news to share.

Follow Your Prospects.

If you want to get closer to your prospects, start following them. Notice what topics and issues seem to matter most to them. You’ll not only get a closer look at their needs and priorities, but by liking and commenting on their posts where appropriate, you begin to build (or build on) relationships that can turn into new business.

Follow Industry Leaders.

Following thought leaders in your industry can help you stay on top of the latest thinking and best practices. Beyond that, it can give you ideas for your own future content, building on topics that an industry insider has talked about — with the goal of becoming a thought leader yourself.

Follow Your Partners.

Finally, follow the people you do business with — vendors and partners. Mention them in your own posts when the opportunity presents itself. Give them good reviews when they’ve earned them. Comment on the content they share. You’ll build stronger ties with your associates, and cultivate a potential source of referrals.

A little strategic following can offer a lot of advantages, helping you do social media better and opening the door to new business relationships in the process.

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