Make it Easier.

Especially for a company with a tight marketing budget, e-mail marketing is the cost-effective way to build brand awareness and drive repeat traffic to your website.  How much effort have you put into building your e-mail list?  Here are three simple tactics that can have a big impact on the number of sign-ups you receive.  First, collect an e-mail address from every customer, and ask for permission to send them e-mails.  Second, give the e-mail sign-up on your website a prominent spot on your home page.  And third, don’t make people spend a lot of time completing the form.  In fact, name and e-mail address are plenty.  If you need a little more information, make sign-up a quick 3-step process, where step 1 is name and e-mail address, step 2 is, for example, zip code and year of birth, and step 3 is gender or whatever other single piece of information matters to you.  But think about the way you behave yourself; make it easier, and they will come.