Overused and Undermining.

You’ve seen it dozens of times.  It’s often a banner in front of a dentist’s office, but it could be a billboard, a web banner or a print ad.  “We cater to cowards.”  And there are a couple of big problems with it.  First, it’s been used to death.  So instead of helping a practice establish its own unique brand, it just screams, “Us, too.”  Which is no brand at all.  Worse, it says that if you’ve had a bad (painful) experience with a dentist, you’re a coward for fearing that it could happen again.  In other words, consumer, you’re just a big baby – but don’t worry, we’ll treat you like one.  Many businesses have some expression that’s overused and undermining, like the ever-popular “now accepting new patients.”  (Because we all long for acceptance.)  What’s yours?  How can you turn it around and set your company apart?