Pain Relief Sells.

If you want to keep a prospect’s attention long enough to turn them into customers, there are three important things you have to do — three steps that make the whole process easier.

Find Your Prospect’s Pain.
What problem does your prospect have? It could be pain they’re well aware of, or pain they’re oblivious to, because they don’t know any different. It could be pain from not using services like yours, or pain from using a competitor who isn’t delivering on what they promised.

And don’t get too literal about that word “pain.” Think more broadly. What annoys them. What exasperates them? What wears them out? What takes too long? What feels impersonal? What doesn’t work as intended?

As clearly as possible, define all the kinds of pain your prospect has to endure without you.

Agitate Those Pain Points.
Remind your prospect of their pain in vivid ways. If they’re unaware of it, demonstrate it to them. Show them what they’re missing. If they know about it already, amplify it. 

Share details. How is it hurting your prospect when they don’t use you? What are they giving up? What are they putting up with? What sucks? Poke that wound. Agitate that pain.

Offer Your Pain Relief.
Only after you’ve shown the prospect that you understand their pain, and only after you remind them how much it hurts, offer them the relief that only you can provide.

Show them how you eliminate their pain. Let them see how much better — how painless — life can be when they’re using you. Better yet, use testimonials and let your own customers tell them.

Easy As 1,2,3.
Understand your prospects’ pain and remind them of it. Agitate and amplify it. Then show them how you spell relief.

If you follow that simple formula — on your website, in your video, in your ad, in your email — you’ll generate more leads and convert more of those to customers.

(And if you could use a hand, Idealogy’s Allen Howie is the Louisville region’s only Storybrand Certified Guide. Call 812-399-1400 or reply to this email to find out how he can help you relieve your prospects’ pain — and your own, too!)