The 7 Cs of Compelling Copy.

To make your marketing message stick with your audience, check these seven “C’s” off your list.


If you’re not clear, nothing else matters. Say what you sell. Say how it helps. Say why it’s the best choice. Lose anything that gets in the way of clarity.


If your message sounds like everyone else’s, no one will remember it. You have to deliver a message that’s arresting and unique — without sacrificing clarity.


If your message isn’t consistent, people have to work too hard to retain it. Campaigns rely on a consistent thread to work, regardless of the medium.


The way you talk to prospects, the benefits you offer and the way you offer them need to demonstrate how much you care. Compassion connects you to people.


Prospects have too little time and attention. Don’t waste either. Be as brief as possible without giving up any of the other core qualities.


A strong message makes people want to know more. That inspires action. A visit to your website. A view of your video. A call to your office. Make them curious.

Call to Action

You’re not finished until you invite your prospect to do something. Multiple calls to action boost the ROI of direct mail. Call to action buttons make your website work harder. Always offer a next step.

The next time you create a marketing message, score it against the seven “C’s”. The higher your score, the stickier your message. That makes every marketing dollar work harder.