The Secret Ingredient for Marketing

If you read the emails, or watch the webinars or skim the books, it’s tempting to believe the “experts” who tell you that there’s one thing you can do – one secret ingredient you can add to the mix – that will transform your marketing and have an outsized impact on profits.

In fact, marketing is a lot like cooking.  If you want a dish to be truly memorable, you need all the right ingredients, in exactly the right measure, combined in the right way.  (Even the Colonel needed 11 herbs and spices.)

And the recipe depends on your goal – what you want to accomplish.  That’s where marketing should always begin.  Who do you need to reach?  And what do you want them to do?  The answer to each question affects your choice of media.

If you’re selling something simple, especially if the purchase can be completed online, then online tools like PPC ads and email might make a lot of sense.  That’s assuming a younger audience.

Selling something more complicated, especially a service?  Media like targeted direct mail or targeted TV might give you the time you need to make your case, especially with an older audience.

Building brand awareness over time so that when a prospect needs what you’re selling, they think of you first?  Targeted print and outdoor advertising might be the ticket.

If you keep drilling down, focusing on your prime prospects, you’re likely to find that some combination of media is the perfect recipe.

And remember, as with fine dining, presentation is everything.  Once you’ve chosen media and a schedule, focus on the way you deliver your message.  If you can’t make it stick, nothing else matters – so be sure it’s memorable, and clearly conveys the benefit you offer in a persuasive way.