Three Awesome Things to Do Right Now.

Since the pandemic has many of us hunkered down right now, this is a great time to tackle those “big picture” marketing priorities that so easily get sidelined by day-to-day demands.  You want — and need — to come out of the current crisis as quickly as possible.  Here are three examples of big marketing chores that can help make that happen.

1. Pin Down Your Positioning

Why you?  What sets you apart from your competitors?  How are you better?  Faster?  Easier?  Companies talk a lot about “brand,” but few take the time to clearly define, in writing, the meaningful ways in which they’re the best choice.

But if you and your team have time on your hands — even remotely — wrestle your position to the ground.  Then use that clarified and distinct position to update all your messaging, from your website or pitch deck to collateral and emails.

Nothing you do right now will yield a bigger benefit and a more lasting impact on your post-pandemic sales.

2. Do Digital Alignment

If you have a website, social media accounts and an email list, there should be tight content coordination across all those platforms.  If not, now is the perfect time to make that happen.

As you create content — which you could stockpile if your business is slow right now — think about how it will be deployed on your website, your social media channels and your email campaigns.  Are you creating a steady digital drumbeat that’s consistent regardless of the channel?

Tailor the messaging to the medium.  Break longer blog posts up into short social media posts.  Same for emails.  If you’re using video, use it across every platform, and make it consistent with your other messaging.  Same “voice.”  Same content.

And make sure your customer or prospect knows what to do next.  Include links to your website, or to make a call, send an email or schedule an appointment.

3. Update Your Look

Whether it’s a logo that looks outdated, a presentation deck that’s seen better days, collateral that has lost its spark or a website that’s been neglected, now is the time to refresh it all with a clean, current, consistent look and feel.

Does the look of your marketing material reflect your position and your customers?  Is it aging well?  And does it look the same regardless of where you see it?  If not, create a checklist and refresh everything that needs it.

No one knows what business will look like beyond the Coronavirus.  But it will certainly be tougher in the near term.  Using any downtime to prepare now will help you get past a slowdown sooner and back to robust health more quickly.