Van Gogh’s Ear.

Art history is exciting stuff, filled with sex, political intrigue, power plays, betrayal, manipulation, mutilation and murder.  What do most people know about Vincent Van Gogh?  They know he painted “Starry Night,” because there was a song about it and it gets plastered on everything, and that his ear was cut off, either by his own hand or by his frenemy, Paul Gauguin, because he painted a self-portrait with a bandage around his head.  But ask most art majors about the art history classes they were forced to take, and they’ll tell you that their professors managed to drain all the passion out of the subject and reduce it to names and dates — lifeless information.  We do this with our marketing, too.  So many websites and marketing pieces make it all about dry facts and stats, bullet-pointed lists and industry jargon, when what resonates with prospects are stories.  Case studies, client testimonials and other tales do a much better job of persuading prospects and making your message memorable.