Your Competition Is Nothing.

You spend a lot of time trying to persuade prospects to choose you over your competitors. And you should. But there’s one competitor you probably overlook.


The easiest thing for a prospect to do is…nothing. They can live with a problem awhile longer. They can put together a workaround. They can deal with the status quo.

And there are advantages to doing nothing. At least on the surface, there’s no cost to it. They don’t have to give up any of their time. And they don’t have to get out of their comfort zone or make any kind of change.
So how do you compete against doing nothing? Three ways.

1. Show the True Cost of Inertia.

Putting off the thing you need to do usually costs more in the long run. So do the numbers for them. Show the actual cost if they act now, and the cost if they wait until later. Show the difference as the savings you put back in their pocket.

2. Show How Easy It Is to Act.

Break it down into small, simple steps. If cost is the issue, show how you can help with that. If it’s time, show how you make the process quick. If change is hard, show how easy you can make it, and how much support you offer. One by one, take away their excuses.

3. Show the Emotional Benefit

What could life look like if they did something instead of nothing? How would it be better? Show that in a visual and memorable way. A picture really is worth a thousand words. Show them a place they’ll want to be.

Of course, once you overcome inertia, you still have to make the case that you’re a better choice than your competitors. Otherwise, you’re just helping them get more business.

But if you execute the three steps above in the right way, you’ll automatically position yourself as the provider of choice. Because leading a prospect through that process builds trust.

So look at your sales process and messaging, and ask this question: does it overcome the powerful appeal of doing nothing at all? If not, see how you can adjust by building in the three steps above. Your marketing will be more effective right away.